You Think You Clean Your Ears Right, But Do You Have This Earwax Remover?

April 13, 2022 by Andrew Sanders

I don’t like opening up about the problems I’ve experienced with my earwax. It’s a really disgusting topic to cover, really.

I hated using cotton swabs when I was a kid. I once pushed one too hard and got scared that I could become deaf. My mom says it was so traumatic for a 5-year-old me that I couldn’t stop crying for a couple of days.

Then after many years of putting it off, I finally tried using cotton swabs again – as an adult, I got used to them pretty quickly, it wasn’t too bad I’d say. Why did I go back to cotton swabs? I figured I might be in danger of impaired hearing.

In so many years of not cleaning my ear canals the earwax in my ears became so packed I started having hearing problems – that’s what my doctor told me. Moreover, I started hearing ringing sounds in my ears, and turned out I had tinnitus.

However, using cotton swabs only made it worse. Little did I know that cotton swabs are bad for ear cleaning in general – they only push the earwax further, making it harder and harder to hear.

I started seeing my doctor quite frequently as nothing could help me – I tried using sprays, pumps, different types of cotton swabs, and so on. My problems only grew bigger.

I needed to think fast – I was afraid I could actually lose my hearing forever. The last thing my doctor could do for me was an operation. And let me tell you I’d be happy with such a turnout. But my insurance wouldn’t cover it…

Honestly, these were some of the most terrifying moments of my life. I couldn’t do anything to make it go away as nothing worked. I didn’t have enough money to cover my operation as well. It was devastating.

Tvidler saves the day

One morning I was scrolling through my Facebook feed. Suddenly, this thing called Tvidler caught my attention. Of course, I don’t usually check ads, but back then I was just hopeless, so I decided to do my research.

Apparently, Tvidler was a little tool that grips the earwax and pulls it out instead of pushing it further as cotton swabs do. They look like tiny soft corkscrews – you just need to put the soft end into your ear and pull the wax out.

Remember me telling about my old fear of pushing the cotton swab too far into my ear? Tvidler is designed so it won’t cause any damage – the ends of these little tools are short and super soft.

Finding Tvidler actually gave me hope then. I remember thinking that I had nothing to lose at that point, so trying out this little guy was all that I could do. And, surprise surprise – it worked!

Can’t lie, cleaning my ears with Tvidler was disgusting. But it felt heavenly satisfying at the same time. I couldn’t believe that there was so much space in my ears – I pulled a huge amount of old wax stuck in my ears for years.

Tvidler worked perfectly. I just twisted it right into my ear and easily broke up the buildup of wax. The difference before and after was night and day.

The ringing in both of my ears stopped immediately. And it felt like someone unmuted everything around me (at that point my hearing problem was severe). The only word that suits that situation is ‘magic’. I cried with joy – the sounds I heard were crystal clear.

Tvidler helps hundreds of thousands

It turns out ever since Tvidler was created, more and more people were giving up their bad ear cleaning habits. Some of them definitely knew how dangerous cotton swabs are but had no choice.

Sharing my story on social media made me realize that I’m not alone – plenty of people faced impaired hearing problems, different ear infections, and other issues caused by earwax build-ups.

Switching over to Tvidler is revolutionary. Ever since it appeared on the market it has been selling out like crazy as soon as it gets in stock.

Here’s what some of the people who got in touch with me after posting my story said about Tvidler:

I made friends with specialists too. I remember one of the ear, nose, and throat professionals that have been contacting me, saying:

“Tvidler is a far safer and better alternative to cleaning your ears. Not only does it reach deeper than a cotton swab can, but it rotates to remove more buildup from the sides of your ear canals.”

But is Tvidler worth the money..?

Some might say that AU$28.00 for an ear cleaner might be too much. Well, regular cotton swabs are way cheaper. But as a person who felt they had almost lost her hearing all I can is that, compared to the price of an operation I was offered, this is nothing.

I believe Tvidler cleans ears better than any cotton swabs you can find – the amount of wax I pulled out of my ear that first time was incredible.

Let’s also keep in mind that investing in Tvidler means you don’t have to buy cotton swabs ever again. So I believe it might even help you save money.

Most importantly, this little tool gave thousands of people their normal lives back. What could possibly be more important than your health?

Overall, the way I see it – AU$28.00 is absolutely worth it.

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