No More Slips and Cuts With This Amazing New Trimmer! You Won’t Believe How Much It Costs!

SUMMARY: An upcoming Swedish startup launched their first product, a high quality hair trimmer, and it’s already sending shockwaves through the grooming industry. Men all over Europe are choosing this new trimmer over paying the barber, and it looks like now we’re all going to have some excellently trimmed beards in 2022. You can now get Your TrimSher 50% off and with Free Delivery >>

Do you hate cutting yourself with the supposedly professional razor you bought? Do you not want to pay extra at the barbershop for beard styling? Do you hate it when you just can’t ever get your beard neat and symmetrical? Well you’re in luck today, because this new trimmer is bringing a professional to your own home.

You’re ready. You sunk in the time. You grew out a decently long beard, and now it’s time to style it. You have one of those cheap hair trimming machines and your trusty, though maybe a little dull, razor. How hard can it be to do it yourself anyway? Twenty minutes later, you brush yourself off and look at the result. You trimmed the left side too much… you managed to cut your neck… and there are plenty of annoyingly long hairs the cheap trimmer missed… Doing it yourself is hard…

Unless you have the right tools. But those tools cost a small fortune. Only barbers, who use them dozens of times a day and are making a living off it can afford them.

Not anymore…

A Professional Level Trimmer

They call it the TrimSher, a product of Swedish engineering that that brings professional level precision and quality to everyone who might need it, without costing an arm and a leg for a once-per-week use device.

The TrimSher boasts incredible specs, quality materials, durability and, frankly, everything you might need from a professional-level trimmer, but at a fraction of the cost, and all because the Swedes figure out one little secret.

What is that secret? That allows them to create a professional level product for a price we could never imagine before? Let’s find out…

What Makes Trimsher So Special?

The Swedish engineers took apart different expensive, big brand trimmers, ones marketed specifically for barbers and salons, to try and figure out if there could be a cheaper way to make them. What they found out astonished them.

The truth was, making one of these, actually shouldn’t cost that much. Perhaps in the past, but with modern, computer guided precision manufacturing, making such quality devices is actually surprisingly cheap. So where does that price tag come from?

Well, quite simply, it’s called marketing. The big quality brands have long since switched to more efficient production methods, they simply didn’t adjust the price tag to match. They slap their logo onto the device as an assurance of quality, and for that assurance they demand a very hefty premium.

So the Swedes decided to end this charade. With the new TrimSher, they reverse engineered the professional trimmer and made some tweaks of their own:

 Professional trimmer – the same quality as your barber’s, but you only pay once!
✅ Maximum precision – the small, flexible head means you can achieve much higher levels of precision than the standard hand sized ones used for the head.
✅ Safe and smooth cut – the design of the trimmer means it can cut almost as close as an actual razor, without the drawbacks of actually using a sharp blade. No more cuts!
✅ Durable and long lasting – Hairdressers need their trimmers to be able to have a working lifetime of thousands of cuts. TrimSher more than delivers on this front.
 Enhanced battery life – with a full charge the TrimSher can operate for up to 2 hours, that can easily last you a week in one go if you’re skilled!
 Accessories included – 4 trimming length heads and even a cleaning brush, what more do you need!
✅ Engraved design for added flex and flare

The TrimSher truly packs all the punch of a big brand, expensive trimmer, cutting just as smooth and lasting just as long (and even longer since its battery is stronger than the standard!), the Swedes spared no effort in its design.

What Others Are Saying About TrimSher…

“I’ve been stuck using one of those bulky hair trimmers that are the size of half your cheek for years. It’s goddamn impossible to get your beard just right with those, and when you try with a razor you get tugs, you can’t get it just right because of the damn blade moisture whatever thing guard blocking your view, it’s a damn nightmare! The moment I saw this trimmer I ordered it. Haven’t looked back since.”

“My barber was so surprised when I showed up for a haircut with my beard already perfectly styled hahaha. I’ll probably pay off the price of this trimmer in a few months just from the money I save there. 10/10 would recommend”

“I’m a professional barber, and I specialize in beard styling. I’m not mad. What I sell is my expertise, not access to tools. Anyone can learn to trim their beard if they put in the time. Anyone can bake their own bread too rather than paying the baker. I wholeheartedly support this initiative as it saves people money. I can always just do a few more haircuts to make up for the lost work. I even ordered one of these for my shop as I don’t feel like paying the brand premiums for no reason either.”

How Much Does the Trimsher Cost?

But now we get to the best part: the price. Normally, the TrimSher will cost you £98. More than fair and considerably lower than anything you might find at your local barbershop. But it gets better. The Swedish startup wanted to stick it to the big brands even harder, and have launched their product globally with a massive 50% discount and free international shipping! You can now get your TrimSher for just £49.

The TrimSher is truly a marvelous product. The Swedes decided we shouldn’t keep paying over and over to have a perfectly groomed, sexy beard. We can now pay just once, and have our face in perfect shape anytime, anywhere. It gets our wholehearted seal of approval! 

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Conclusion: Should You Get the TrimSher?

Yes 100%. Do you want to be able to properly style and trim your beard at home so you look sleek and sexy instead of like someone living in his parent’s basement? With TrimSher you can look your best whenever and wherever you want. Trim at home, trim and the hotel, trim in the bathroom while on the date, it’s that easy. With the added sale it is an absolute no brainer. Go get your TrimSher before the sale ends!


  • Easy to use by anyone
  • Professional level precision
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Portable and charged via USB (charger included)
  • Different accessories and a stylish case
  • Incredibly pretty trimmer


  • Supplies are very limited, may be running out of stock soon

How Do I Get the TrimSher?

Now that you know you can get a perfect cut and trim of your beard, without having to pay someone else to do it over and over, your beard must be itching to try this trimmer, so here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering an original TrimSher from the official website here.
  2. Crack open the box, turn it on and make face look sexier than ever before!

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