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Struggling with Limited Data Plans and Extra Costs? Say Goodbye to Overpriced Wi-Fi and Hello to Unlimited Internet with Compact and Affordable Hotspot: Connect All Your Devices Anywhere, Anytime.
June 15, 2024

When you’re away from home, are you tired of having to connect to public WiFi that’s slow, unreliable and insecure? Then bring your own! The MUAMA Ryoko portable WiFi can deliver a strong, fast and secure online connection just about wherever you go.

What is MUAMA Ryoko?

The MUAMA Ryoko is a pocket sized wireless modem, which creates a WiFi network around itself, using 4G LTE. Connect your Phone, Tablet, Laptop or any other device to Ryokos WiFi and stay connected to the Internet! Ryoko covers 137 countries in all 5 continents so now you can forget of using insecure public WiFi, or paying for high international roaming charges.

Moreover, the MUAMA RYOKO will protect your connections and will ensure your important data remains safe.

What is the real price of FREE Public WiFi?

Every year, hackers, using public WiFi and fake WiFi hotspots, steal over 1.2 Billion Euros, as well as gigabytes of personal data. Financial fraud specialists agrees that 67% of people have used insecure public WiFi in the last 6 months putting themselves at risk of loosing their personal data, pictures, documents and money.

The most recent cyber theft has happened last Wednesday. Austrian police reported that thieves transferred out Bitcoin worth more than 100,000 euros, and cleaned out Frank Baker’s bank account of over 60,000 euros, while he was logged in on a hospitals public Wi-Fi network. A police spokesman said the Bitcoins were moved to an “unknown, non-traceable account” after the Frank logged in using the public hospital’s WiFi to check the value of his digital currency.

As public WiFi becomes increasingly common, you can expect Internet security issues to grow. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an ultimate, personal WiFi wherever you go? With the MUAMA Ryoko portable WiFi you can now create your own WPA2 secured personal WiFi.

Why Is This Little Gadget So Special?

It is the most effective way to have your own secured Internet connection anywhere, anytime!

➠ Connected and PROTECTED anywhere: Create your own secure Wi-Fi and share it with others when travelling for business or on holiday, when outdoors, or to replace your home DSL coverage. It also gives you the ability to block unwanted web content, limit screen time, and restricts the use of risky applications.

➠ Stay productive: With your Muama Ryoko share your WiFi Internet access with up to 8 devicesYou will be able to connect to your tablet, mobile phone, handset, gaming console, laptop and many more. Share a secure connection with your friends and family! It reaches up to 150Mbps downloads speed to enjoy HD movies without interruption, download files in seconds.

➠ It Won’t Suck The Life Out Of Your Battery: Never suffer from a drained battery. 3G, 4G, LTE, and hotspots suck the power out of your battery almost instantaneously! The Ryoko portable Wi-Fi lasts up to 15 hours.

➠ Improve the way you travel or work on-the-go: Reduce roaming charges and stop struggling again with public Wi-Fi! Rather than paying for extra charges on all your devices, connect them all to the MUAMA Ryoko.

➠ Save your money & your time: Your Muama Ryoko arrives ready to use with a SIM card already pre-installed. Just turn it on and use! Enjoy cheap, safe, high-speed 4G connections across the globe.

✔ No contract
✔ No hidden charges
✔ Pre-Paid and Ready
✔ Top-up your data online, anytime

We asked people who have used MUAMA Ryoko to share their experiences with us. The results showed that people have drastically increased their productivity after getting the Ryoko.

Want To Get One Too?

MUAMA Ryoko is a portable WiFi and the perfect companion for travellers, parents, students and basically, everyone who wants to always be connected and protected.

Besides, with Muama Ryoko you will be 100% secured, which means no viruses and no data leaks.

MUAMA Ryoko is able to deliver all those things and a lot more!

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