The handheld vacuum, ideal for your home and car, that can save you a lot of money!

“Clean any part of the car or your house with this portable vacuum cleaner”

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The handheld vacuum, essential for cleaning your car, rug, couch, door, window sills, picking up dust, crumbs, hairs… the smallest and most powerful option on the market is now available in our country.
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How many times have you been at home, or in your car, noticing a ton of dust or dirt collected on a couch or the floor, and thought to yourself how great it would be to have a tiny handheld vacuum to clean it all up? Without a handheld vacuum, your only possibility is dragging out the heavy and clunky cord vacuum in order to be able to clean it.

An Icelandic company, with over 50 years of experience in the cleaning sector, has finally come out with a powerful handheld vacuum with high suction capacity. This handheld vacuum is ideal for your car, picking up those tiny crumbs that get everywhere, dust, food particles, and much more.

We’re talking about Mini-Vac Cleaner!

The portable car vacuum cleaner that you can use anywhere.

Ideal for cleaning your car, rugs, couches, getting rid of dust, and much more!

This handheld vacuum has such powerful suction, that many users have been surprised to find that it’s even powerful enough to get rid of pet hair on floor mats and car seats.

It has a stainless steel HEPA filter, which is more durable than conventional filters. Also, if you’re doing a deep clean of your car, all you have to do is remove the filter and wash it in water in order to reuse it. This will prolong the life of the filter and the Mini-Vac Cleaner itself.

The portable, compact, and light vacuum that will help you save money

Its pocket shape, and especially its practical accessories, make it a vacuum that is very easy to use, and also easy to store. This means saving money on cleaning your car, since you will no longer need to take it to the shop every few weeks to clean it. Also, because it can be charged using a USB cable, you won’t be spending money on batteries or electricity when you use it!

Accessories that make this vacuum indispensable

Saves space and is easy to transport

Its size is no bigger than that of a thermos, it’s light and also sturdy, meaning you can use it all the time without having to worry about it getting damaged or worn out. Its dimensions allow it to be stored anywhere, even in the glove compartment.

The Mini-Vac Cleaner handheld vacuum comes with 4 accessories:

A brush nozzle that can get rid of dirt in narrow spaces, and a hose that can be used to clean difficult-to-reach places.

And the best part?

In addition, it comes with a USB-C cable for charging the vacuum wherever you may be, and also includes a portable bag.

All the accessories can be stored in the bag, making Mini-Vac Cleaner a handheld vacuum that is very easy to transport and store.

Main advantages:

Lots of suction: this will allow you to suck up practically any crumb, dust particles, sand or dirt, animal fur, or any other mess that requires deep cleaning.
✅ Its pocket shape, and especially its practical accessories, make it a very easy vacuum to use.
✅ It has a stainless steel HEPA filter, more durable than conventional filters.
✅ It comes with several of the most practical accessories, and a USB charging port.

Start using Mini-Vac Cleaner and get instant cleanliness!

All you have to do is follow these three steps to get yours:

Step 1: Order Mini-Vac Cleaner today through the official website to take advantage of a great offer.
Step 2: Receive your shipment quickly.
Step 3: Start using Mini-Vac Cleaner and get instant cleanliness.

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What do people have to say about Mini-Vac Cleaner after trying it?

I am thrilled with the purchase of this product!
It meets all expectations, plus shipping is fast and it comes in a well-protected box. I was looking at reviews for other brands and none of them fully convinced me. I finally came across this brand and this product and saw that almost everything was positive.

Laura Shelton

I liked this vacuum because it’s perfect to keep in my car, and its size and the accessories that it comes with make it very versatile, and it includes everything you may need. I think it’s a great option to purchase, it works very well, cleans very easily, its power and ease of use are great, and it comes with everything because the various accessories give it versatility.

Elena Y.

Excellent quality for the price and fast delivery!
The website offers many advantages for older people… Good prices, and the order arrived the day promised. I bought two units since this was the best price/quality ratio among all my options and I will definitely be back for more.

Danny M.

This is a compact vacuum ideal for vacuuming your car, it’s very versatile, since you can use different nozzles in order to access every nook and cranny. In car wash and vacuum centers, the nozzles are very big and there are always those spaces that don’t get vacuumed, but with this vacuum, those problems are a thing of the past.

Miguel O.

It was the first time I was buying something like this and until now, I had always felt loyal to certain well-known brands that also happen to be more expensive. The difference in price and the good product reviews compared to other similar products is what made me decide to finally try it. After several weeks of use, I must say that I am extremely satisfied. Very good purchase, I highly recommend it!

Tory Bolden

This vacuum is great! I really like using it to get dirt out of the corners of chairs and couches, and those little nooks and crannies that the big vacuum can’t get into. Also, it’s ideal for cleaning my car. 100% recommendable!

Carlota A.