Poor Posture from Endless Hours of Sitting Can Leave Your Body a Mess

July 18, 2024

Hi, I am Jenna.

I’ve been a receptionist for years, and I love my job because of the people I get to meet and the gossip I get to hear.

But like everything else, being a receptionist has its disadvantages too. The most major disadvantage is the physically demanding nature of the job.

How can a job that requires mostly sitting be physically demanding?

Why sitting is the new smoking

Sitting may require little effort at first. But the longer we sit, the more uncomfortable it becomes. Humans are simply not designed to sit for 8+ hours daily, five days a week, for 20+ years.

Do you know how much time you spend sitting down? If you’re working an office job, spending an hour to commute in and out of work, and take at least an hour a day to relax in front of the TV, that’s at least 55 hours a week. This means you’d have to be either sleeping or standing up for the rest of the week.

Which makes it at least 2915 hours of sitting a year. If you retire at 62, you’ll have spent at least 14.5 YEARS of your adult life on your behind.

If you do that, you might feel pain in your body. The list of body pains associated with sitting is long:

  • Back pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Butt pain or tailbone pain
  • Sciatica pain
  • Leg tightness
  • Muscle fatigue

When I was younger, my body would recover from the pain while I slept. But as I grew older, my back would stay stiff and ache no matter how long I slept.

I carried on for a year like this. Painkillers and over-the-counter medications helped me until they became dangerous to my health1.

Around this time, my productivity dropped. Communicating with my colleagues became difficult. I was in pain, and I had no time to be nice.

My bosses were unhappy with me. Why would they be? What use is a cranky receptionist who barks at everyone else?

Why Klaudena Is Perfect For You If You Sit For 8+ Hours Everyday

When it became evident that the discomfort affected my job, I had to do something.

I consulted with a doctor, who explained to me that I was sitting poorly and my chair wasn’t helping with that. When I got home after the consultation, I was in tears and I threw my chair away.

I took medical leave straight away, and went to a back rehabilitation program, where I took yoga lessons.

My instructor said that the main thing that caused my pain, was my body weight distribution as I was sitting down. Then he pulled out a seat cushion that his wife had been using to reduce the same pain!

The instructor also told me that he’s met hundreds of people in this program, who had spent thousands of dollars and drained their savings to buy expensive ergonomic chairs, which ended up doing nothing to help with the pain!

I placed an order for Klaudena because I was impressed by its unique, innovative design.

I tried it out as soon as it arrived – which was very quick, by the way!

One 1000-word essay may not do justice to the feeling I experienced when my derriere touched Klaudena for the first time.

I worked eight hours that day and was smiling all through. The overall mood of the office improved too.

Thank God I found this cushion.

If you’re sitting for long hours, you must ensure you’re sitting the right way. The wrong sitting posture will usually cause you pain eventually.

You may find yourself spending your savings on doctors and medications to solve sitting-related problems like lower back pain.

You might also notice yourself turning unproductive and unable to pull your weight around the office.

That’s how much the wrong sitting posture can cost you.

Is Klaudena really worth the hype?

The Klaudena Memory Foam Seat Cushion is an ergonomic sitting cushion built to improve your sitting experience wherever you go.

It easily adapts to the body’s natural curves so that proper spine alignment is possible when you sit—no slouching or bending.

The V-shaped seat cushion absorbs the body’s weight so that the spine doesn’t have to work too hard.

➠ Cool, breathable material and odorless.

Klaudena is made with a cool, breathable memory foam that helps prevent bottom sweats. It has no unpleasant smells. I’m particularly grateful for this one because I don’t react well to bad smells.

Maintaining proper hygiene with Klaudena is really simple. You can wash its removable cover manually or with a laundry machine.

➠ Secure, no slipping.

Klaudena stays glued to where you place it, so you don’t have to worry about slipping off.

➠ Can be used anywhere and everywhere.

You can take Klaudena everywhere you go. Whether switching desks, traveling, or heading home, just take it with you wherever you sit.

Do you spend the majority of your day sitting? Do you suffer from lower back pain? Is your chair uncomfortable? Are you concerned about your posture?

If your answer is YES, then Klaudena is right for you.

You’ll improve your comfort, posture and even your mood as you experience less pain with this cushion. And you’ll save money by not buying new chairs!

If you’re excited by the idea of finally sitting comfortably, you should hit this link and place that order.

There’s no need to throw out that old chair. Just add Klaudena and enjoy a much-improved sitting experience.

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