InHeat™ Keeps Your Coffee Hot, Your Smartphone Charged and Ready to Go.

It’s a Drink Warmer. It’s a Powerful Wireless Phone Charger. And It’s Selling Out Quick!

I have a problem I need to tell you about. It’s not that serious, like I’m not concerned for my health or anything, but it is something that annoys me to no end.

The problem is that I’m really busy. I mean like, really busy. When my shift starts at 8 am, I don’t have a lot of time for anything other than what’s on my to-do list. Day after day my coffee sits beside me, completely forgotten, until I go to take a nice big sip. But by that time, all the warmth is long gone, and I end up with a mouthful of disgusting, lukewarm coffee. Gross.

It’s happened to all of us, and none of us like it! If we wanted to drink cold brew we would have ordered it that way!

So I was more than a little surprised when I got to work the Monday after my birthday and found a gift waiting for me.

The InHeat Advantage: Better Coffee and Convenience

I opened up the package and I was a little confused. It looked just like a coffee cup with a fancy coaster. But as I was inspecting the box it came in, I realized it wasn’t just a coffee cup and coaster, it was InHeat, a cup warmer and a wireless phone charger.

My mood brightened. This cup warmer was going to keep my coffee nice and hot, all morning long if necessary. I was excited.

But as I explored my new InHeat more I saw another feature that really surprised me. The InHeat could also charge my smartphone! Now, this was a convenient surprise. This means that when I finished my piping hot cup of coffee, I could place my phone on the same device, and it would charge. That’s pretty awesome.

I was kind of worried that InHeat would be just another gadget contributing to a messy desk, but it barely takes up any room at all. I don’t even really notice it.

InHeat keeps my coffee hot and charges my smartphone wirelessly. Whoever suggested picking this gift up for me deserves a promotion!

InHeat Was Designed for Everyday Use

I went online and learned that this device has the latest technology and that it’s manufactured from premium components. That means it’s durable and long-lasting, and I won’t need to replace it after a few months. The USB-C connection attaches securely and it really seems to be well built.

It also comes with a coffee mug to use. I wasn’t too crazy about this when I saw it because I really like the mug I use every day. But after using InHeat’s mug a couple of times I changed my opinion. The InHeat mug was just the right size, comes with a cover to keep your drink even warmer, and it has a design that’s comfortable to hold. It definitely gets an A+ in ergonomics!

And InHeat is designed so that the heating base will only turn on when the mug is on it! This means that you won’t accidentally burn yourself if you accidentally touch the heating base when the mug is off of it. It’s just another little feature that shows how great InHeat is. They thought of everything.

Easy to use

  1. Attach the power cord to the InHeat base. Connect the other end to the adapter or a USB port.
  2. If using the wall adapter, plug it into a nearby outlet.
  3. Place the InHeat mug on the center of the base for warming. Lay any Qi-enabled phone on top for charging.
  4. Enjoy your hot beverage and the convenience of wireless charging.

Things Are Just Better When Your Coffee’s Hot and Your Phone is Charged

There’s honestly so much to love about InHeat. Each thing I learn about it makes me appreciate it so much more. I’m so impressed that this little device was able to take my morning routine to a whole other level.

Keep Your Beverage Hot
This is the main reason I love my InHeat. I make my coffee and then place it on the base, and it doesn’t matter if I get busy and forget about it for 30 minutes. When I do remember it, it’s still hot! Gulping down cold coffee can ruin a morning. That’s never an issue anymore with InHeat.

Keep Your Phone Charged
But InHeat doesn’t stop with just keeping your drink warm. It also keeps your phone charged! Finish your coffee and then throw your phone on the base for easy and convenient Qi-enabled wireless charging for your compatible smartphone. It works with both iOS and Android models.

What a great little gadget. The more I use InHeat the more I appreciate it. This is one device that will actually make a real difference in your daily routine. I was going to take it home every day with me so I could use it with my morning coffee at home, but it’s such a great little device that I think I’m just going to order another one.

InHeat is convenient and multi-functional. I just love the novelty of having two devices in one.

I’ve Been Missing Out! People Are Loving InHeat

When I first received InHeat, I decided to look it up online. When I saw how many people were completely satisfied and happy with their InHeat, I couldn’t wait to use mine.

Dan R. – San Jose, CA
“I use it every day, and sometimes more than once. It’s great for my morning coffee, as I’m usually making breakfast and doing other things. Sometimes my coffee gets cold. Not anymore! Now my coffee’s still hot when my eggs are done and I can enjoy them together. It’s the little things!”

Sheila J. – Detroit, MI
“InHeat might be the best gift I’ve received in a long time. I love drinking tea while watching my shows and relaxing in the evening, but my tea ALWAYS goes cold long before I finish it. I can’t help it! I want to make my drink last! But now my tea can remain hot for as long as I want it to. I’m really happy with my InHeat and can’t recommend it enough.”

Grant H. – Indianapolis, INc
“Great for keeping my coffee hot, and great for charging my phone. Does what it says it will do and does it well. Seems really well built and I haven’t had any issues since I started using it about six months ago. I wish all my gadgets were made this well.”

Nora E. – Tucson, AZ
“I’ve been waiting for something like this! It keeps my coffee and tea hot till the last drop, and then I can just put the cup to the side and throw my phone on it for charging. Very convenient and it’s super easy to set up and use. Even I was able to do it! I think there are a few people who will be getting an InHeat as a gift this year.”

Your Coffee’s Getting Cold Even as You Read This

It’s an unfortunate fact of life. As soon as you start to enjoy your coffee, it has an expiration time on that enjoyment. It’s losing its warmth with every second that goes by.

But this doesn’t have to be your reality anymore! Now you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate, or whatever you like, right down to the last drop! And when you’re done, you can place your cellphone on the same base to make sure it’s fully charged up to start your day!

InHeat is growing in popularity daily and warehouses are finding it difficult to keep in stock. Demand is already high, and it’s still growing!

NOTICE! To secure your own InHeat while supplies last, get to the official website today and place your order. Don’t be fooled by cheap knockoffs that don’t work. Get the authentic InHeat today and see for yourself why everyone is raving about this product.