I thought my cooking was making me sick… But then I made a scary discovery.

July 18, 2024

When it comes to your family and keeping them safe and healthy, the thought of your dishwasher being dangerous is the last thing on your mind.

It was something I’d never even considered until it happened to me a few weeks ago.

We were having a family meal like usual one Sunday afternoon and it was all going perfectly… but later that evening is something I’ll never forget.

My husband, two kids and even the dog (who we like to give scraps to) all came down with sickness, diarrhea and fever-like symptoms.

I couldn’t believe it was happening to all of us!

At first, I thought my cooking caused it.

And my suspicions were unfortunately confirmed once our family doctor arrived and informed me that we were all indeed suffering from food poisoning.

I felt so guilty that I didn’t sleep for the next few days. Having to rush to the bathroom every 5 minutes didn’t help either.

After talking to my Mom on the phone the next day to tell her all about it, she told me how something similar had happened to one of her friends recently as well.

But the weird thing about it was that it happened to them frequently.

This is when they realized something was up and started to investigate…

They came to the conclusion that their dishwasher was filthy and clogged full of old, rotting scraps that were almost impossible to see unless you looked deep into the nooks and crannies with a flashlight.

And there were even areas inside that had black mold!

Seconds after she told me I rushed to the dishwasher and took a closer look.

Instantly I knew this was what caused the problem with my family. It was way filthier than I expected.

This made me realize…

I had been neglecting my dishwasher the whole time

I always thought the normal cycle where the dishes are cleaned was enough to keep the dishwasher spotless.

But as I found out… This is a dangerous thing to believe.

Dishwashers can contain these things called pathogens which is a kind of organism that spreads disease (thanks Google).

These can be linked to urinary tract infections, skin infections, food poisoning, and even heart infections!

Because the inside of dishwashers are constantly changing conditions – wet to dry, high heat to cooler temperatures, low to high acidity….

This is the perfect environment for the food scraps and dirt inside to turn nasty and for bacteria to multiply.

Meaning the inside of your dishwasher may not just be gross, but also dangerous to your family’s health!

Then I accidentally discovered the solution

A few days later I was scrolling through Facebook like I do every morning. Suddenly, a product called Fuugu caught my attention.

I don’t usually check ads, but it was talking about how dirty (and harmful) dishwashers can be if they’re not cleaned properly – and after my experience a few days before, I decided to do my research.

I discovered that Fuugu dishwasher tablets are a simple and easy-to-use solution to dirtiness and grime that is constantly accumulating inside your dishwasher.

After putting a single tablet into your empty machine and running a regular washing cycle your dishwasher will be cleansed from mold, bacteria and other contaminants.

The ad also spoke about how this stops you from having to scrub the bacteria and mold away by hand and potentially breathe it all in!

On a whim, I purchased some and was excited for them to be delivered…

Here’s my experience with Fuugu

One wash cycle was all I needed for the cleanliness to last a whole month.

I’m now wondering what took me so long to make the switch. I mean, there was the initial problem of not knowing this product existed.

I found that the Fuugu dishwasher tablets are a simple and easy to use solution for the dirtiness and grime that is constantly accumulating inside your dishwasher… Even the stuff you can’t see.

The usage is simple – pop in the Fuugu tablet inside the dishwasher (you can put it on the bottom or inside the usual detergent tray) and start the cleaning cycle. (Without any dishes inside)…

After the regular washing cycle your dishwasher will be cleaned from mold, bacteria and other contaminants – no scrubbing or disassembling of the machine is required.

I was so surprised by how simple and effective they were!

But is Fuugu worth the money..?

The Fuugu dishwasher tablets have given me peace of mind and taken a huge weight off of my shoulders – and I think that alone makes them worth it.

But after sharing my story on social media made me realize that I’m not alone. Plenty of people messaged me to say they faced similar problems to me, experienced all kinds of health problems potentially related to their filthy dishwasher, and other issues caused by bacteria and rotten food build-ups.

And thanks to these tablets it’s now a thing of the past.

I believe Fuugu cleans my dishwasher better than any other cleaning product I have tried – and the way my cutlery and plates shined the first time I washed them after using these tablets was incredible.

Overall, the way I see it – the price is absolutely worth it.

Note: ever since a number of stories (including mine) about people’s experiences using Fuugu dishwasher tablets, it has been selling out like crazy as soon as it gets in stock.

If you wanna learn more about Fuugu dishwasher tablets, then click below!

UPDATE July 18, 2024 – Ever since Fuugu was featured online, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in its product that they are now offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee1 and are offering 70% discount for the readers of this article while supplies last. To see if they are still available click the button below.

Why get Fuugu

Still undecided about Fuugu dishwasher tablets? Here are a few ways they can help you improve your life:

  1. Cleans what you can’t see: your machine’s tub, racks, pump and valve, drain and recirculation hoses. Thoroughly cleans the filter, hidden parts, spray arms, pumps and hidden or vital parts;
  2. Keeps your machine sparkly;
  3. Works in all sizes and types of dishwashers;
  4. Powers away limescale and mineral buildup;
  5. Easy to use tablets;
  6. Removes hard water stains from your glass dishes and cutlery (as well as the insides of the dishwasher);
  7. Fuugu tablets are biodegradable.


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