How This Simple Device That I Keep In My Freezer Made My Face Redness Disappear!

July 18, 2024

I saw my friend from high school, and I was soooooo jealous of her skin…

Three years ago, my friend Amy looked terrible.

In high school, she was a beauty queen, the most popular girl in the class. But in her 20’s, her looks started to fade…

What was the problem? She had one of the reddest faces you’d ever seen.

No one knew why, but she was constantly flaring up. She was constantly scratching her skin. And it took a huge toll on her looks.

Even worse, it destroyed her self-confidence. Once, she sparkled like a prom queen… but now, she acted like the ugly duckling.

And unfortunately, I know exactly how she felt.

That’s because I moved to Phoenix, Arizona for work… and my skin just can’t handle the dry heat of the desert.

And so I started flaring up, too.

I tried everything — moisturizers, serums, you name it. But the redness just wouldn’t leave.

The flare-ups continued, and I thought I was doomed to have dry, patchy, red skin forever.

So, when Amy came to town, I was looking forward to commiserating with her. I couldn’t be pretty, but at least I’d have someone to sulk with.

But when I saw her, I was shocked.

Her skin wasn’t red anymore. She looked just the way she did when she was in high school.

I almost didn’t recognize her!

We talked and talked, and the whole time I just sat there fuming with jealous anger.

I know it sounds irrational, but… I couldn’t stomach the fact that she was pretty again, and I wasn’t!

So, I finally worked up the nerve to ask her what her secret was.

“Last time I saw you, Amy,” I said, trying my best to be polite… “your skin was… different.”

“You mean my face was all red?”

“Well… yes.”

“Oh, that.” She laughed it off. “I don’t have that problem anymore.”

Now, I was on the edge of my seat. I had to know what she was doing.

“What’s your secret?” I asked.

She beamed with pride.“Try this.”

She pulled out her phone, and showed me something called the Fraîcheur Ice Globes.

“Huh?” I was shocked.

I thought she must be using some cream, or skincare product… or maybe a new diet. But this didn’t look like any of those things.

This didn’t look like any skincare product I had ever seen. It was just a glass ball with a handle.

“How did this fix your skin?” I asked, in disbelief.

“Simple,” she told me. “I keep it in my freezer. And every day, I take it out and rub it on my face.”

“What???” I asked.

“How does it work?”

“Well, it uses something that scientists call “lymphatic drainage”,” she explained.

“Basically, the cold causes the blood vessels in your face to tighten. Then, when your face goes back to room temperature, brand new red blood cells rush in — full of the nutrients your face needs to repair itself.”

“It’s just like cryotherapy… only you can easily do it from home.”

“And the best part is, the Fraîcheur Ice Globes genuinely improves the way your skin naturally looks and feels. Unlike makeup, which just covers up the damage.”

“Does it hurt to use it?”

“Nope. It actually feels really good!”

“In fact, all the young TikTok and Instagram influencers are using them. I thought they were just a fad, but I decided to give them a try, and they work wonders.”

Trying It Out For Myself

So, I bought myself a Fraîcheur Ice Globes, and what do you know — my skin started looking a lot better!

Not only did my redness reduced, but I don’t see dark circles under my eyes anymore. (Even when I stay up late!)

And my skin doesn’t flare up nearly as much as it used to.

And it’s so easy to use, too. It only takes me 5 minutes. I use it in the mornings, but you can use it any time of day — whatever is easiest for you!

What Else Can It Do?

As Amy explained to me, the Fraîcheur Ice Globes doesn’t just help with redness.

Do you have dark spots underneath your eyes? The Fraîcheur Ice Globes can help.

Do you have wrinkles? The Fraîcheur Ice Globes can help you get rid of those.

Do you have loose skin? The Fraîcheur Ice Globes can tighten it up.

Do you just want your skin to look younger, fresher, and healthier? Well, guess what? The Fraîcheur Ice Globes can help with that, too.

You can think of the Fraîcheur Ice Globes as super-makeup. The power of cold will make just about any blemish go away.

What Are People Saying About The Fraîcheur Ice Globes?

The Fraîcheur Ice Globes changed my life. Who knew such a small, simple device could be so powerful!

And I’m not the only one who’s loving it. Here’s what some other happy customers have to say:

“Absolutely Love these ice globes.. they feel so good on my face and these are just what I need during allergy season my face gets swollen and so sore from sinus pressure and these are going to be just what I’ve needed for years”

Coleen Piazza

How Much Does It Cost?

You’d expect the Fraîcheur Ice Globes to cost a lot. It looks like a cryotherapy machine for your face, and real in-home cryotherapy machine can cost $10,000 — or more!

And the Fraîcheur Ice Globes contains a very special liquid that won’t freeze in the freezer. This liquid isn’t easy to come by — so you’d think it would just add to the price.

But actually, you can get the Fraîcheur Ice Globes for just $59.90!

Get Your Own Fraîcheur Ice Globes

If you want to get your ownFraîcheur Ice Globes, you’re in luck: they’re currently on sale!

Right now, for this article readers you can get a Fraîcheur Ice Globes for 50% off — so just $29.95!

That way, you can save yourself a pretty penny — or even get a second as a gift.

Supply is limited, and the sale is ending soon — so if you wanna make sure you get yours at the discounted price, I highly recommend you snag it today.

Otherwise, they might run out…

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